Industrial Type Digital Thyristor Rectifier / Battery Charger – TXF DC UPS 20-2000A

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Quick Overview

TXF series is our Industrial type, heavy duty Microprocessor controlled thyristor rectifier/Battery charger with full galvanic isolation which using German Technology. It is designed according to IEC 60146 standard with full conformation. TXF is available in single or three phase units, depending on units rating. Indeed, it has incorporated the most asked-for features and offers a high degree of standardization and reliability. This type of charger is designed to supply critical DC loads with uninterruptible power supply, in the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Railway, Power & Utilities applications. Key features are as following:

  1. Galvanic isolation transformer at Rectifier input.
  2. Power conversion bridge with natural cooling/forced cooling depends on rating, for the most reliability and less maintenance.
  3. High customization grade.
  4. Microprocessor controlled with full set of communications options.
  5. LED display for alarms and smart flow chart.
  6. Choice of several types of batteries: nickel cadmium/lead acid/vented or gas recombination.
  7. Complete automatic operations and designed for easy operation.
  8. High MTBF and low MTTR.
  9. Fully automatic boost and float charge functions that ensure maximum battery life and a 100% rating in battery performance.
  10. Low-impedence leakage reactance transformer that provides inherent short circuit protection for rectifiers and reduces the peak current applied to batteries.
  11. Soft-Start feature to provide sufficient time for limited current to operate on start up even under short circuit conditions.
  12. Fault indicators are maintained until the fault has been cleared and the alarm automatically reset. Manual resetting is also available.
  13. DC output protected by fuse ensure correct circuit protection against overloads.
  14. Parallel operation.
  15. Batteries set On-line discharge test.

TXF Battery Charger Catolog EN


  • Input Voltage:               1ϕ 110Vac, 220Vac, 380Vac, 440Vac ±10%                                                                      3ϕ 220Vac, 380Vac, 440Vac, 480Vac ±10% ( optional of other AC input voltage )
  • Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (Standard ±5%, others as non-standard option)
  • Power Factor:               0.8 lag for 3ϕ ( full load condition )                                                                                      0.7 lag for 1ϕ ( full load condition )
  • Output Voltage : DC 24V, 48V, 110V, 125V, 220V, 480V
  • Rated Current : DC 20A ~ 2000A
  • Static Voltage Regulation : ≤ ±1%
  • Efficiency : ≥ 85% for single phase, 90% for three phase
  • Ripple : Standard ≤ 5%, others as non-standard option
  • Float Charge : Lead Acid Battery 20~2.25V/cell; Ni_Cad Battery 1.40~1.45V/cell (adjustable)
  • Boost Charge : Lead Acid Battery 30~2.35V/cell; Ni_Cad Battery 1.50~1.55V/cell (adjustable)
  • Equalize Charge : Lead Acid Battery 35~2.45V/cell; Ni_Cad Battery 1.55~1.65V/cell (adjustable)
  • Battery Charge Current : Lead Acid Battery (0.1~0.5)*Cn; Ni_Cad Battery (0.1~1.0)*Cn
  • Current Regulation : ≤ 2%, others as non-standard option
  • Auto / Manual Charge Selector
  • Float / Boost / Equalize / Balance Charge Mode
  • LED indicators in front panel
  • Remote alarm and monitoring
  • Current Limit : 100% of nominal rating in float or boost charging mode
  • Dropper Diode (SID function) : complied to specification
  • Battery temperature compensation


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