EMNERGY TMC 2001RTS – Battery Tester

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TMC-2001RTS is a universal, multi functional test device for the user-friendly and professional maintenance of battery systems. This device is designed for safe and mobile on-site use.

The TMC-2001RTS logs the voltage, ohmic and electrochemical resistance of a battery block in one step. The measurements of the temperature and electrolyte density (optional sensors) complete the extensive possibilities for examination the condition of a battery system.

The resistance can cause an insufficient charge of a battery block, or limit the expected DC discharge current. It is always a good method to evaluate this parameter to indicates the ability/performance of a battery to deliver a DC current.

  • Ohmic Resistance (Rel)
  • Charge-Transfer Resistance (Rct)
  • DC voltage measurement: ±2.45VDC (Res. 0.00001V), ±24.5VDC (Res. 0.0001V), ±600VDC (Res. 0.001V)
  • AC voltage measurement (including frequency measurement): 12VAC (Res. 0.001V), 300VAC (Res. 0.01V)
  • Stores up to 150000 sets of data
  • Automatic data capture. Upload of a complete battery database.
  • RF-ID, wireless battery identification with the use of unique transponder tags.
  • IrDA-interface for direct connection of a DMA35 density probe.
  • Bluetooth – interface for data transfer and headset integration.
  • 8 hours of continuous operation.
  • One pair of test leads (4-wire)
  • Completed battery management/analysis software is included.



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